2015 wedding season is well and truly underway, and it's been a privilege to meet interesting brides and grooms and visit beautiful venues. Scotland really does do venues very well! A small selection of some crackers that I've visited recently include the magnificent splendour of Mount Stuart and Kinross House, stunning grounds and exclusive use at Rowallan Castle , Boturich Castle and Carberry Tower and city chic at One Devonshire Gardens and 29, Glasgow - there are loads more too, so I will write more on some fab Scottish venue options soon.
The cakes are fully booked through til October and there are some real beauties coming up that I can't wait to get started on, and some lovely winter weddings and hopefully some design time coming up later in the year. With quite alot of dates full for next year it really is good for brides and grooms to get in touch as soon as possible, to keep the business truly bespoke and my time dedicated to each couple, I aim to keep the weddings to no more than 2 per week. This ensures that the brides and grooms get plenty of bang for their buck with my time, but it does mean that the places can fill up quickly.
A couple of weeks ago was the truly inspiring and special Glasgow Wedding Collective bridal market, it's such a pleasure to meet so many awesome and likeminded suppliers, really worth checking out the site and getting along to a market if you can.
Lots of preps have helped to make the wedding season manageable, all the flowers on this site are made of sugar so it's brilliant to be able to get ahead with some of them, and I really love making natural and wild looking sugar flowers, so plenty have been underway :) Next week has a couple of interesting orders so I'm looking forward to showing something different too!
Also on the sidelines it is very exciting to be involved in a cake collaboration coming up in November - with a Rocky Horror Show theme :D which will take place at the Cake International show at Birmingham NEC, and also Facebook has been key for meeting up with other Scottish cakers, really loads of talent and support out there which has been lovely to discover.
So, on with the weddings! Hello sunshine :)
PS another beautiful photo taken by my super talented photographer friend Gillian 


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