It's unavoidable - Christmas is coming! We're looking forward to it! A time for tradition, though not so much with the cake we find. There aren't too many traditional fruit cakes ordered from us, perhaps folks still enjoy making them at home, but the Happyhills contribution tends to be the chocolate version. It lasts really well over the festive season and is a nice but still indulgent change from rich fruit. (it also makes a great pudding if slightly warmed with cream or ice cream :)). But there are other flavours too that are well suited to the winter - black forest, white chocolate & cranberry, black bottom, sticky toffee, maple & peacan ... mmmm! Another viewpoint could be that this is a perfect time to have something very light and fresh, perhaps lemon based, to contrast with all the rich Christmas food? To summarise..Christmas needs cake whatever way you look at it!! :D
We are really lucky to have a fab Yuletide night in West Kilbride - the whole town comes out for Santa's parade, fairground rides and late night shopping in the local shops and craft studios - it may be a little weather dependant but it really is a Christmassy occasion. We are really pleased to be able to borrow some space in Happyhills Studios to have some of our Christmas cakes and little cakes to sell and will be sharing some space (and party atmosphere!) with Chookiebirdie and Knit1Girl1. And how nice to have the word Happyhills in the location! - if you are from the town it's a familiar street name and Emily lived there when she started the business, otherwise it may just sound like a happy wee name :D


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