One for the boys!


We are super busy in the cake kitchen this week, cakes for some brides & grooms at a couple of local venues are underway and there's loads of preparation to be done for the Scottish Wedding Show at Glasgow's SECC. This is a big event with over 200 suppliers and 8000 attendees over the course of the weekend. We try to take a few new display cakes along to show some contemporary ideas and are a little bit different, hopefully they will spark some lateral thinking so that brides and grooms can imagine a cake unique to them.

Another slant on cakes at weddings is the traditional concept of grooms cakes. While historically this was an idea big in the UK, more recently it is trending far more in the US, we'd love to see a few grooms cakes make a return to wedding celebrations here. The idea is that a bride arranges for a fab bespoke cake to be delivered to her groom on the day of the wedding. This is a unique and super personal surprise - hopefully the bride can capture a hobby, pet, place or love of the groom represented in cake form that makes for a fun and delicious talking point on the big day. We often find that the men we meet are far more interested in yummy cake than they let on! They can often excel at the tasting part of our wedding cake consultations :D, and a groom's cake is a welcome addition to a day of celebration and indulgence!

As a contrast from a tiered wedding cake, we love the idea of a sculpted cake depicting a special interest and a focus on the man of the moment. To launch this idea we are offering 20% off grooms cakes up until the end of this year, so brides please get in touch to discuss any ideas!

We're looking forward to seeing lots of different suppliers at the weekend, and especially meeting lots of brides & grooms and their families and friends. In the meantime there are several cakes to be made..back to the kitchen and the midnight oil!


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